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Eastern Missions


Mark & Cassie Bachman of Team Eurasia
Mike & Debbie Drust to Albania
Jonathan & Shannon Owens to Bulgaria
Steve & Lisa Messersmith to England
Tom & Addie Rooney to England
Dave & Mary Beth Solt to England
Dan & Tricia Dubbe to Germany
John & Lee Etta Hornbeck to Germany
Elias & Robyn Correa to Ireland
Andrew & Jennifer Day to Ireland
Travis & Teri Snode to Ireland
Daniel & Deana Brown to Liechtenstein
Ron & Melanie Peedin to Lithuania
Ed & Carol Hembree to Romania
Rick & Sarah Demastus to Scotland
Arvin & Marsha Devers to Scotland
Alberto & Ashley Puente to Spain
Pedro & Charo Torres to Spain
Daniel & Judith Irvin to Ukraine


Nathan & Karie Owens to Cameroon
Doug & Carolee Schwaderer to the Canary Islands
Robert & Wendy Mickey to Kenya
David & Rose Maskey to Nigeria
Mark & Linda Sigstad to Nigeria
Gregory & Angela Schoof to Rwanda
Jason & Ashley King to South Africa
Mshama & Martha Kinyonga to Tanzania
Martha Barrett to Zambia
Bobby & Becky Bonner to Zambia


Dave & Debbie Board to Cambodia
Clark & Alyssa Berryman to the Caucasus Region
Kendale & Nancy Lalman to China
Paul & Amber Taube to India
Irfan Abdullatif to Iraq
Mike & Beth Paris to Israel
Emile & Diane Barrouk to Israel
David & Glenda Carter to Japan
Steve & Bethany Carter to Japan
Paul & Jan Fischer to Japan
Randy & Kelly Johnson to Japan
Henry & Celeste Ward to Japan
J.P. & Amber Day to the Middle East
Matthew & Carrie Patenaude to Mongolia
Rob & Grace Robideau to Nepal
Nathan & Audrey Goodpaster to the Philippines
Lighthouse Children’s Home in the Philippines
Emmanuel & Lina Quizon to the Philippines
Bob & Susan Tevault to the Philippines
Kevin & JoAnn Trout to the Philippines
Andrew & Sarah Bunnell to Russia
Dan & Ruth Ossewaarde to Russia
Chantha & Susan Chhim to Singapore
Raji Baroudi to Syria
Shari House to Thailand
Norris & Linda Bailey to Vietnam


John & Gwen Nordman to Australia
Dave & Tracey Westbrook to Australia
John & Selina Allen to Papua New Guinea

Western Missions

Special Missionary Endeavors

Larry & Carol Johns with Abundant Pardon Prison Ministry
Howard & Sandra Butzer with Amazing Grace Missions
Jeff & Peggy Speer as Baptist Builders
John & Robin Yingling with Baptist International Outreach
René & Freda Freret with BEAMS
William & Delores Chilton with Bearing Precious Seed
Jerry & Kim Sexton with Bearing Precious Seed
Joe & Michele Parrock with CAPP Ministries
Joe & Sandra Adams as Chaplain the the KY State Legislature
Lee Watts as Chaplain the the KY State Legislature
Sandi Christensen
Christian Law Association
George & Barbara Zarris with Christian Radio International
Bob & Barbara Vallier of Church Business Ministries
Harvey & Barbara Ware with Church Planting America
Phil & Susan Smith with CLAIM Ministries
Flint & Lori Gutweiler of Cornerstone Construction
Don & Laura Stertz with Couriers for Christ
Faith Broadcasting & Faith Music Missions
Daniel & Lana Siemer as FBMI Field Coordinators
Fellowship Tract League
Linda Perham with Godly Heritage Ministries
Ron & Peggy Rice with International Deaf Ministries
Henry & Sarah Benach with Jewish End-Time Ministries
Warren & Jarylyn Storm of Keep the Buses Rolling
Dan & Theresa Garlick with La Espada Spanish Ministries
Bob Ballou with Lifeline Philippines
Terry Hamilton with Lighthouse Legal Ministries
Joe Gammon with Lighthouse Baptist Missions
Tom & Dannette Patterson with the Fellowship Tract League
Stan & Charlene Lane to the Naval Air Station at Jacksonville, FL
Reclamation Ranch
Reformers Unanimous
Revival Fires
Judy Gearis with the Rock of Ages Prison Ministry
Shenandoah Haven
Shepherd’s Home Ministries
Bob & Carolyn DeWitt with Solid Rock Youth Ministries
Tom Williams Worldwide Ministries